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Our Services

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    Audio & Video Transcription Services

    We provide accurate and affordable audio and video transcription at a reasonable price. We take audio or video files (or links online) and transcribe them quickly and accurately. Our global team of highly trained and experienced transcription professionals will complete your projects quickly and accurately. Our quality control team consists of senior transcriptionists who review and edit the work of our junior transcribers, adding an additional layer of proofreading to ensure our clients receive highly accurate transcriptions.

    Our easy-to-use order process enables our clients to quickly place orders online in just a few minutes time. After creating an account, clients can save payment information and other preferences, speeding up future ordering even further. For our business clients with long-term recurring needs, we offer corporate accounts with monthly billing and other advanced features.

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    Business Translation Services

    In the global business environment, fast, accurate and reliable document translation is an absolutely essential asset. Master Translation Services is a team that has been geared to meet the demands of this multicultural, multi-linguistic environment, working with our clients’ timeframes and business needs to assure maximum efficiency.

    Our Services

    We provide translation services in more than 120 languages, using professional native-speaking translators to ensure high quality translation every single time. Our services are structured to provide a dependable, workflow-friendly translation service, in combination with technical expertise and high security for our client’s documents. Our extremely diverse client base includes individuals, corporate clients across all industries, professional and scientific clients. We can translate a variety of documents for you. Below are a few examples of common document requests that we receive:

    Academic documents – Diplomas, resumes, and transcription translations
    Business documents – Market research, press releases, website translation, technical documents, and business literature
    Certified translation – Birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports and legal documents

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    Certified Translations

    Certified Translation for Immigration

    Many people require translation of a range of documents for immigration purposes. Managing documentation for immigration can be a particularly difficult, and sometimes very confusing, process. Master Translation Services provides all services required for immigration document translation, including certification services. Please note:

    Documentation required for immigration purposes is covered by relevant statutory law.
    All information required must be supplied for processing of immigration applications.
    To be accepted for official purposes, the information contained in translated documents must be compliant with the requirements of immigration laws and regulations.

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