French Translation

French has long been considered the language of love. But in these modern times, it is also becoming known as a language of culture, business and travel. Tourists traveling around Europe will find that French is often the language used people from Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, etc. to communicate with one another.  This is because French is still taught in schools as a second language across most of the European continent.

In addition, a number of businesses have begun to move their businesses to Africa, making this continent a focal point of future international relations and global trade. And with countries such as Algeria making up a large part of the African population, half of Africa’s fastest-growing countries speak French as the national language. Translating documents into and out of French will become increasingly important in the future, with the growing popularity of worldwide travel, and as international communication among people and businesses across the globe is facilitated with the internet.

Translation Genie can assist you with French/English translation for a number of purposes. We employ only the most highly-skilled translators to ensure accuracy and efficiency. We translate personal documents such as marriage certificates, resumes, and all materials required for immigration purposes. We also offer translation services to corporations, from simple correspondence to the most technical written materials. We also offer translation of audio files.

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