Spanish Birth Certificate Translation

Many people need birth certificates translated from Spanish to English, especially for business and immigration purposes. If you’re looking to have a birth certificate translated for yourself or someone else, you should be aware of a few rules. First, even if you speak Spanish yourself, if you need the documents translated for immigration purposes you will still need to use an independent translator who is willing and able to provide your document with the necessary certification. Second, just as an example, a quick review of your birth certificate will show you words such as “acta,” which can have varying English translations depending on the context.  Simply trying to use an online translation program is unlikely to give you accurate results.

Also, from a practical standpoint, translating a birth certificate from Spanish to English is about more than the words themselves.  Your translated birth certificate cannot simply be a listing of translated words.  It needs to match the format and layout of the original certificate, so that every translated word – including those in the government seals – appears in the same spot as the original. This is how you produce a translated birth certificate which meets immigration requirements and is clearly legible by anyone who reads it.

At Translation Genie, we have the knowledge and experience to give you the translation services you need. We understand that the immigration process can be lengthy and stressful. You can trust us with your Spanish birth certificate, and we will work quickly and diligently to give you your translation right away. Translation Genie’s skilled translators have years of experience with Spanish birth certificates, and you can be confident knowing that you will receive a quality product at a fair price. Look to Translation Genie for all of your translation needs.