Business Document Translation Made Simple

  • Business Document Translation

    In the global business environment, fast, accurate and reliable document translation is an absolutely essential asset. Translation Genie is a team that has been geared to meet the demands of this multicultural, multi-linguistic environment, working with our clients’ timeframes and business needs to assure maximum efficiency.

    Our Services

    We provide translation services in more than 120 languages, using professional native-speaking translators to ensure high quality translation every single time. Our services are structured to provide a dependable, workflow-friendly translation service, in combination with technical expertise and high security for our client’s documents. Our extremely diverse client base includes individuals, corporate clients across all industries, professional and scientific clients. We can translate a variety of documents for you. Below are a few examples of common document requests that we receive:

    • Academic documents – Diplomas, resumes, and transcription translations
    • Business documents – Market research, press releases, website translation, technical documents, and business literature
    • Certified translation – Birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports and legal documents

    Our translators also have market-oriented expertise, with specialised skills in areas like marketing, law, gaming, media, and human resources, among many others. This very broad range of expertise combined with professional translation skills allows us to provide a truly unique quality of translation services for our clients:

    • Our online document translation service is highly efficient, maintaining fast information flow and avoiding downtime in information movement.
    • Our strictly best practice document security management ensures confidentiality of business documents. Translators are employed on a non-disclosure basis to prevent any risk of revealing sensitive information.
    • Our pricing transparency policies include no hidden fees or extra charges, and client monitoring of services provided through their accounts.
    • We are able to provide document translations on very short turnaround times if necessary.
    • Fast price quotes on any type of translation service gives you crystal clear, customized pricing.

    Customized document translation services

    Every business is different. You have your own special range of needs and problems related to information management, particularly in market-specific translation. If you’re looking for a truly global translation service which can provide expertise specific to your market, talk to us. We are able to provide a comprehensive range of translation services for businesses and individuals as you need it. Simply contact us and tell us what types of translation services you need. We will create a document translation solution appropriate to your needs. We will also be able to assist with managing document translation workflow. We understand business priorities and the importance of efficient documentation on a real-time basis, ensuring timely flow of information.

    Contact us

    If you’d like to know more, have some specific questions or would like assistance with a document translation issue, you can contact us online at, email or by phone during business hours. We’ll be happy to assist.