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  • Certified Translation for Immigration

    Many people require translation of a range of documents for immigration purposes. Managing documentation for immigration can be a particularly difficult, and sometimes very confusing, process. Master Translation Services provides all services required for immigration document translation, including certification services. Please note:

    • Documentation required for immigration purposes is covered by relevant statutory law.
    • All information required must be supplied for processing of immigration applications.
    • To be accepted for official purposes, the information contained in translated documents must be compliant with the requirements of immigration laws and regulations.

    Our immigration document translation services

    We routinely manage many different translations in more than 120 languages for our clients. Our highly experienced native-speaking translators are fully conversant with the requirements of immigration documentation translation and related regulatory issues. We provide friendly, knowledgeable support and assistance for our clients to help them manage the many different documentation issues and requirements by immigration laws.

    Customer support

    We’re also able to assist with the wide variety of different types of documentation required for immigration purposes, including:

    • Birth certificates
    • Marriage certificates
    • Personal information requirements
    • Documentation of specific individual matters related to immigration applications
    • Certified document translations

    We provide certified translations of immigration documents according to our client’s needs. Please note:

    • We certify that the translation of documents is an accurate translation.
    • We are not able to certify that the information provided is correct.
    • We do not reproduce official or other types of document seals, signatures, or similar materials. Our certified translations state that these materials are provided on the original document.

    Fast online service

    Our fast online translation service makes managing your documentation very easy. All you need to do is upload your documents online, and we’ll send you your translated documents back to you.

    Information confidentiality

    We respect your privacy. All information provided to us for translation purposes is subject to strict confidentiality policies.


    Our easy pricing request tool will help you get the most accurate price quote for your specific translation needs.

    Customer support services

    Immigration documentation requirements may vary considerably according to the nation of origin and individual case needs. We make every effort to ensure that our clients receive all the support they need with documentation issues. Our translators and support staff are fully familiar with the immigration documentation processes. We are able to provide useful help and productive advice in managing documentation translation requirements. Please note that by law we are not able to provide any form of legal advice or legal services regarding immigration applications.

    Contact us

    If you need help with your immigration documentation translation, or would like to ask us about our translation services, you can contact us online at http://www.translationgenie.com or by phone. We’ll be happy to provide all the information and assistance you require. It doesn’t have to be difficult to get your essential immigration documents translated. We make it easy and inexpensive for you to get your translation work done right.