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  • Marriage Certificate Translations

    A marriage certificate is an important legal document, often required for a range of purposes. Accurately translated marriage certificates are frequently required for legal and other needs. We provide certified translations of marriage certificates in over 120 languages. Our native-speaking translators ensure accuracy of wording and are fully familiar with the issues related to translation in to English and other languages.


    Since we translate documents from over 120 languages, you will have no trouble getting your marriage certificate translated, regardless of the language that it’s originally written in! You don’t have to settle for some half baked translation service that just uses a program to provide a poorly translated document, our in-house services are top of the line, and guaranteed to be accurate. Our translations include all text, but do not include:

    • Official seals
    • Signatures
    • Registrar stamps
    • Other related statutory notations.

    Our translations certify the presence of these required notations only.

    Document information

    • We certify the accuracy of the translation of the documentation provided, so you don’t have to worry that there is a mistranslated word or phrase halfway through your document.
    • We are not able to certify the accuracy of the information contained in the original documentation.

    Our prices

    Our prices are tailored to your specific needs. It doesn’t matter if your translation job is large or small; we offer the same competitive pricing regardless

    Fast turnaround

    Many of our clients choose our service because we offer a fast turnaround that they can count on. We will give you a stated turnaround time, keeping in mind any deadlines that you need the translation done by.

    Online services

    Our online service makes translation of documents easy. To obtain a certified translation of your marriage certificate, all you need to do is upload the original document, and we’ll send your certified marriage certificate translation back to you, perfectly translated into any one of our 120+ languages.

    Information confidentiality and security

    We respect your privacy and ensure that all of your documentation is secure. All documentation provided for translation is classed as strictly private and confidential.

    100% satisfaction guarantee

    We make every effort to ensure accurate translation of documents and provision of timely, efficient service to our clients. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is your assurance of great service.

    Customer support

    Our highly experienced translators are familiar with the many issues related to document translation, and specifically the requirements of marriage certificate translation. We can provide advisory services related to translation, documentation requirements and other similar issues. If you’re having difficulties with your document translation needs, require assistance with specific translation issues, or need help with additional documentation requirements, talk to us. We’ll be able to provide useful, constructive advice and solutions to meet your needs. Please note: By law, we are not able to provide any form of legal advice or legal services.

    Contact us

    If you need more information, have questions about your marriage certificate document translation needs, or would like to ask us about specific issues related to translation of your documentation, just call us or contact us online at We’ll be happy to provide all the assistance, guidance, and information you require.